Time & Stress Management

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  • Date 08 Dec 2019
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Time & Stress Management

5 Days


Course Introduction:

This course is designed to assist with an easier approach to all tasking and handling of workloads no matter how critical and to help create controls for managing deadlines and reducing the stress from workload pressures.


The course looks at the causes of time and stress management difficulties and offers concrete and practical solutions. By managing their time more effectively, participants will be able to make a greater contribution to your organization’s goals – they will be more effective at work but will still be able to achieve a sensible work / life balance.


Course Objectives:

At this program's conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Achieve better results through effective planning and clarifying objectives
  • Spend more time working toward your high-value goals
  • Understand the study of stress and its impact.
  • List tactics for successful time management.
  • Explain how to prioritize and determine what is really important.
  • Demonstrate techniques for interacting with difficult people.
  • Employ physical and mental techniques for coping with stress.
  • Create reachable goals.
  • Begin implementing goals created during the session.
  • Understand Multi tasking Techniques and Delegation Methods to Bring all Tasks Under Control 
  • Improve their Individual Quality of Life and Reduce Stress




Who Should Attend?

Anyone who feels they could make better use of the time available to them and achieve more in less time, especially people affected by stress and/or change, people who are battling to meet deadlines, to plan and prioritize their day, or who seem to always be performing under pressure from others.


Course Support:

This course includes interactive group discussions and role play to encourage maximum participation.


Course Contents:


Course Outline:

1. Introduction: Understanding Time and Stress Problems

*                     Personal Inventory & Objective-Setting

*                     How the modern business environment affects how we work

*                     “Too much to do and too little time”

*                     Examining the real causes of time management problems

*                     Choices and responsibilities



2. Stress Management

*                     Understanding Stress

*                     Identifying Stressors

*                     Identifying your stress reactions and coping mechanisms

*                     Coping with and adapting to change; risk taking & stress

*                     Model for handling stress

*                     Stress Management Techniques


3. Planning and Proactivity

                            Identifying your priorities – personal and work related

                            Understanding Motivation and barriers to motivation

                            Reducing self-limiting thinking

                            Setting realistic goals – long, medium and short-term

                            Becoming more pro-active

                            Reducing procrastination


4. Time Management – Becoming more organized

*                     Time Management Principles

*                     Time-Waster’s Questionnaire

*                     Identifying and eliminating time wasters

*                     How to Prioritize and Plan daily

*                     Practical Prioritizing exercises

*                     Distinguishing between “Urgent” and “Important”

*                     Setting daily objectives and sticking to your plan

*                     Using a daily planner / diary system

*                     Techniques for managing time more efficiently

*                     Reducing time-wasting in meetings

*                     Managing other people’s impact on your time

*                     Achieving more each day

*                     Creating balance between work and personal life



5. Envisioning where you want to be

  • Leveraging the power of imagination
  • Articulating your personal mission
  • Choosing a future that works for you

6.Setting challenging goals

  • Creating a sense of direction
  • Generating personal momentum for action
  • Formulating WISE goals

7.Moving toward your goals

  • Initiating changes to your situation
  • Selecting steps and actions

·        Prioritizing and Scheduling


8.Overcoming procrastination

  • Identifying the root causes of inaction
  • Beating the deadline-driven trap
  • Approaching your tasks positively


9. Saying “No”

                            Eliminating non-essentials from your day

                            Establishing when to say “No”

                            How to refuse demands appropriately

                            How to Delegate effectively

                            When and how to relinquish control


10. Exercises and role-play.


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