Time & Stress Management

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  • Date 06 Jan 2019
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 Time & Stress Management



Course Introduction:


In our personal or work environments we are all at risk from the damaging effects of Stress which contributes to high health risks. How do we identify the symptoms and causes of stress and how do we effectively handle and utilize stress to deal with situations and gain control of our stressful situations.


This course is designed to help understand the symptom and causes involved in our stressful lives it also helps us to understand how stress can be avoided, controlled or used to your advantage. It also introduces the tools for stress relief and relaxation techniques involved.


 Course Objectives:


This course is designed to give the participants the understanding, techniques and tools to competently:


  • Identifying the symptoms, source and effects of all types of related stress


  • Empower themselves to achieve at their maximum potential and how to:


  • Reorganize priorities and set valid, achievable goals
  • Avoid procrastination, indecision, disorganization, stress, fatigue and fear
  • Become more productive by reordering priorities and establishing realistic deadlines


  • Develop more positive, more focused, with greater drive and energy to:


  • Identifying and eliminating their time wasters
  • Handling and forever bust their unwanted visitors, telephones and unproductive meetings


  • The techniques to cope with the different levels and types of stress.
  • How to utilize stress to your advantage including motivation and hype. 


Course Duration: Five Days


Who Should Attend?


Managers, supervisors and those considered to be in stressful appointments and environments.  





Course Support:


This course includes interactive group discussions and role play to encourage maximum participation. 



Course Contents:



  • Understanding Time and Stress Management


  • Introduction and Overview
  • Identifying your time problems
  • Recognizing the source of your stress, fear and fatigue
  • Managing your priorities
  • Controlling your deadline


  • Strategic Self Management for Lasting Effectiveness Strategy


  • Developing your productivity profile
  • Articulating your vision and values
  • Creating your professional mission
  • Generating your long term goals
  • Aligning your goals with your values



  • Action Planning and tactical Implementation


  • Operating with objectives
  • Focusing on your daily achievements
  • Prioritizing your activities
  • Applying network techniques


  • Handling Forever Busting Your Interruptions & Time Wasters


  • Eliminating your external interruptions
  • Handling your time wasters
  • Learning to let go delegates
  • Conducting effective meetings








  • The Art of Working and Living as an Outstanding Achiever


  • Extending your performance period
  • Removing Procrastination and fatigue
  • Removing your fears
  • Managing your stress effectively



  • Further Remedies and Case studies


  • Stress Relief exercises


  • Group Discussions


  • Course Summary and Close. 





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