The concept Of Simplification Work Procedures

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The concept Of Simplification Work Procedures


Course Introduction:


As business becomes more competitive there is a drive to ensure that the whole organization is effective and efficient without cumbersome process, which have been allowed to grow and become too complex. The processes may be documented but may have been developed or adapted within the normal routine or work practices.


This requires a detailed study and analysis of the current work – flow processes and practices that are currently being used and how they can be reduced to the most simplistic and acceptable format. The result of the analysis would also enable a clarification of the process and how it must function for the benefit of the organizational.


This program is designed to inform the participants of the identification of a work process and the various tools for analysis and work process simplification. It includes detailed examination of work processes and supporting case studies with interactive discussion sessions.


Course Objectives:


This course will give the participants the skills and knowledge involved in:


  • Assessing procedures involving documents and evaluating systems.
  • Making recommendations for improvement and re-designing to systems and procedural suitability. 
  • Preparation and analysis of procedures flow charts for continual improvement and work simplification.
  • Profiling competencies required for any task and checking existing approach and methodology regularly 



Course Duration:  Two Days 



Who Should Attend:


Manager and Supervisors and those involved with managing work flow systems, Document Controllers including Administrational Managers, Supervisors and Staff.



Course Methodology:


The course includes interactive discussions, case studies and exercises to increase the delegates learning potential.




Course Contents:


Day One:



  • Introduction to Concepts and Importance of Work Processes as a business efficiency system
  • Work procedures and Organizational Structures
  •  Causes of Procedural Complications
  • The value of Simplification 
  • Assessing strengths and weakness of current documentation and Paperwork Reduction
  • Work Flow Techniques: Parallel and Sequential
  • Work Flow and Process Analysis Tools: Flow Charts, Black Box, Work Distribution and Gantt Charts
  • Simplicity Approach in Design, Methodology and Procedures
  • Action Reminders & Deadline Reminders
  • Aligning Competencies with Job Responsibilities



Day Two: 


  • Documentation frameworks / structures
  • Differentiating requirements from procedural activity
  • Collating and Managing Information
  • Collating and Simplifying Policies and Manuals
  • Creating Operating Procedures
  • Methods of Workflow in offices
  • Work Study Principles
  • Preparation and analysis of procedures flow charts
  • TQM within Work Processes
  • Continuous Improvement towards work simplification
  • Profiling Competencies required for any task
  • Checking & Monitoring Existing approach and Methodology Feedbacks
  • Case studies and Group Exercises
  • Group Discussions
  • Course Evaluation
  • Summary & Close


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