Tank Inspection

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  • Date 30 Jun 2019
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Tank Inspection
Course Description

The course is designed to increase the knowledge of API-653 exam participants with the criteria in the standard and other supplementary standards and codes. The course provides information and materials and is oriented towards problem solving, engineering evaluation, repair techniques, inspection procedures, and individual qualifications in NDE and Welding.

Course Objective

In order to meet the needs of today's fast changing inspection industry,Al Resalahhas developed the "Tank Inspection Course with API 653 Exam Prep.”. 





The course textbook includes notes and summaries on the tank inspection standards referenced in the API 653 Body of Knowledge.






This comprehensive 40 hour course consists of five 6-hour teaching days. It is designed to accomplish a two-fold training agenda:

1.      To train those individuals who are interested in obtaining the API 653 Tank Inspection Certification.

2.      Train those who require a working knowledge of the intricacies encountered in the working environment.


Who Should attend? Tank Inspectors

Course Outline
Non-Destructive Examination, General
Tank Inspection and NDE Testing 
·  Evaluation of Inspection Results

· Repairs and Alterations

· Welding Procedure and Qualification Evaluation

· Tank Dismantling and Reconstruction

· Corrosion Protection

·  Mothballing, Permanent Closure, Removal and Disposal

·  Record Keeping

·  Hazards Assessment and Accident Prevention

·  Planning for Safe AST Entry






Learn How to Become an AST Certified Inspector Per

API Standard 653

With the new rule: 40 CFR 112.8 (c) (6). The EPA’s Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) regulations now require all facilities with over 1320 gallons of regulated product to have all tanks inspected at regularly scheduled intervals.

API-653 is listed in the regulations as one of the most recognized industry standards. Tank owners






who comply with this standard help safeguard against tank mishaps, which may minimize costly fines and clean-up expenses and prevent explanation to authorities why this recognized standard was not being used. With this course you will receive detailed training to help prepare you for the certification examination given twice a year by the American Petroleum Institute.






Major Topics

Other Topics


Welding Metallurgy

In-depth Discussion of:

Technical Report Writing

API Standard 650


API Standard 653

Brittle Fracture

API Document Overview:

Tank Repair

API RP 575

Construction Problems

API RP 651

Nondestructive Testing

API RP 652


API RP 571 – Items on Effectivity Sheet


API RP 577


ASME Document Overview:


Section V Art. 1, 2, 6, 7 and 23 (SE-797)


Section IX (Welding Qualifications Only)




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