Supervisory Management Skills

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  • Date 22 Sep 2019
  • Location London, English

   Supervisory Management Skills                    


Course Outlines:




·        Difference between leading and managing

·        Leadership styles/ suitable leadership

·        Your preferred personal leadership styles

·        How to make use of your leadership styles

·        Be a confident and respect leader


Goals & Objectives


o   Setting goals (setting smart goals)

o   Setting objectives (aligned with the sectional gals)- how to achieve the goals

o   Involving your team


The role of a supervisor


o   Achieving your own work and achieving objectives through others

o   Managing versus doing




o   Assessing where your team are now

o   Making best use of employees talents

o   Developing the area of poor performance


Establishing effective work schedules & discipline


o   Setting standards

o   Communication expectations

o   Consequences

o   Maintaining discipline


Planning, organizing and delegation


o   Making use of variable resources

o   Knowing what to delegate

o   Knowing who delegate to

o   Using the steps to ensure effective delegation

o   Contingency planning

Clear communication


o   Ensuring understanding

o   Having regular communication

o   Involving the team




o   How to know if your team is de-motivated

o   Dealing with de-motivated –signs and symptoms

o   How to motivate your team


Building and maintaining strong, productive work relationship


o   With your staff

o   With your colleagues

o   With your manager


Understanding difference behavioral styles


o   Knowing your own influencing styles

o   Adapting your style to match the situation and the person

o   Handing conflict situations


Assessing performance & handling poor performance


o   Performance appraisal

o   Identifying the problem employees

o   Dealing with a problem employees

o   Coaching

o   Counseling


Building/ managing/ winning teams


o   Brining all the skills together to achieve the best results with your team

o   Problem solving & decision making.

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