Progarammable Logic Controllers (PLC) & SCADA System

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  • Date 23 Jun 2019
  • Location Abu Dhabi, English

Progarammable Logic Controllers (PLC) & SCADA System

Course Description:

This workshop is designed to benefit you with practical up-to-date information on the application of PLC's and SCADA to the automation and process control of plants and factories. It is suitable for people who have little or no exposure to PLC and SCADA but expect to become involved in so m e or all aspects of PLC installation and SCADA Programming. It aims to give practical advice fro m experts in the field, to assist you to correctly plan, program m and install a PLC with a shorter learning curve and m ore confidence.

Course Objective:

PLC/SCADA systems are still both widely misunderstood and widely misapplied.This workshop, Fundamentals of PLC and SCADA Systems,is designed to provide engineers and technicians with the basic theoretical and practical understanding of PLC and SCADA systems and how this can be applied to optimize their systems in terms of safety, flexibility and costs


Who Should attend?

Instrumentation and Control Engineers

• Process control Engineers

• Electrical Engineers

• Consulting Engineers

• Design Engineers

• Control Systems Sales Engineers

• Maintenance Supervisors

•  Control System application engineers

• Project Engineers

• Technicians

• Plant Engineers

• IT Personnel

Course Outline


The Core Competencies

·        Understanding of the major technologies used in modern PLC/SCADA systems

·        The experience of exchanging ideas, problems and solutions with other delegates from different backgrounds and processes

·        A renewed or refreshed ability to understand their process, plant or operation and apply the appropriate PLC and SCADA technology


The Benefits

·        On successful completion of this workshop delegates will be able to:

·        Understand the fundamentals principles of the PLC

·        Identify the basic components

·        Employ  basic and advanced programming

·        Carry out installation audit

·        Be able to apply program maintenance and quality measurement

·        Improve system availability

·        Understand basic serial communications

·        Put into place a simulation and testing programs

·        Apply commonsense installation practices

·        Implement and maintain software quality control

·        Recognize the specific requirements of the PLC in safety-related applications

·        Carry out simulation, testing  and problem isolation

·        Recognize the different components of a SCADA system

·        Investigate the requirements for SCADA software

·        Evaluate the requirements for PLC-to-SCADA communications


The Results

Following the training and development experience provided by this workshop, participants will return to their organizations equipped with new skills and knowledge that will enable them to understand, analyse, and optimize their plant requirements in terms of PLC and SCADA systems.


By leveraging these skills your enterprise can expect an improvement in overall productivity, safety, and flexibility, coupled with a reduction in costs, through the ability to analyze problems and successfully implement PLC and SCADA technology.


The Process

Designed for both novice and experienced engineers and technicians, this workshop provides an insight into modern PLC and SCADA practices through an in-depth investigation into the four basic elements of any


·        The process;

·        The hardware;

·        The software; and

·        The environment.

Throughout the workshop, participants will learn through active participation using exercises, questionnaires, and practical simulation sessions covering:

·        Hardware diagnostics

·        Basic programming

·        Advanced programming

·        Operations

·        Maintenance

·        Implementation of different algorithms

·        Realization of various communication strategies.

The Programme Content




Basic components of PLC

·        Fundamentals principles

·        CPU

·        Memory

·        I/O section and addressing

·        Digital I/O modules

·        Analog I/O modules

PLC programming

·        Ladder logic instructions

·        Basic arithmetic instructions

·        Matrix logic

·        File or block manipulation

·        Jump, skips and subroutines



·        PLC instruction sets

·        Memory organisation

·        Input/output addressing

·        Duplicate coils

·        Timers

Installation Practices

·        Interference or noise reduction

·        Cable spacing and routing

·        Earthing and grounding

·        Safety circuits

·        Control room requirements and layout

Code quality and maintenance

·        Program maintenance

·        Change procedures

·        Defect detection

·        Quality measurement and demonstration



Advanced programming

·        Matrix logic

·        Multiplexing

·        Coding/decoding

Analog control

·        Analog inputs

·        Signal filtering

·        Analog control

Fault tolerance

·        Improving system availability

·        Hot standby systems

·        Cold standby



Serial Data Communications

·        RS-232/485 Standards

·        Modbus Protocol

·        Local Area Networks

·        Ethernet

·        Token Bus

Safety related systems

·        Safety lifecycle

·        Systematic failures/rates

·        Voting systems

·        Software reliability

·        Field equipment

Upgrading Strategies




Simulation and testing

·        Factory acceptance testing (FAT)

·        Transport and reassembly

·        Simulation packages

·        Physical test panels

·        I/O emulation systems

Problem Isolation and Testing

SCADA Hardware

·        Field level Instrumentation and control

·        Marshalling terminals and RTUs

·        Communication System

·        Master Stations

SCADA Software

·        Communications protocol

·        Data objects

·        Interchangeability

·        Proprietary systems

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