Problem Solving & Decision Making

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  • Date 26 May 2019
  • Location Abu Dhabi, English


                          Problem Solving & Decision Making 



Course Background:


Sound problem solving and decision-making is a technique that can enhance organizational performance and encourages team participation resolutions. Logical thinking is instilled into individual but sharing problems and using team resources can bring a problem to an accurate conclusion allowing a confident business judgement or decision. The skills of problem solving are learned and continuously recycled for better quality decision making techniques which  enhances positive business potential.



Course Objectives:


This program is designed to provide the delegates with:


The skills to Identifying and prioritize problems in the working environment and the ability to measure the causes and effects of problems encountered in the workplace. It also covers a creative and practical approach to solving problems and taking the most effective logical planning decisions by anticipating problems and preventing their re-occurrence.



Course Duration:  Three Days



Program Support:


This program is supported by interactive discussions and exercises to maximize the participant's involvement



Who Should Attend:


Supervisors, Line Managers and Decision Makers in all capacities within the business environment.











Daily Course Contents:


Day One


  • Identifying and Defining problems: causes, effects, priorities, classification & cost


  • Work Related Problems: Technical, Personnel & Managerial


  • Gathering Information and Data for analysis


  • Evaluating Situations and Solutions: 'What If' Analysis


  • Problem Analysis Tools and Techniques:
  • Kepner and Tregoe's Rational Approach,
  • The Fishbone Method
  • The Five Whys


  • Separating Problems and Issues




Day Two



  • Flow Charting:
  •  Analysis
  • Identification
  • Critical Assessment


  • Logical and Lateral Thinking
  • Defining the Issues
  • Methods
  • Techniques


  • Individual and Team Problem Solving
  • Methods and Techniques
  • Team Logic and Resourcing 
  • Team Solutions









Day Three


  • Brainstorming
  • Methods
  • Techniques


  • Creative Thinking
  • Individual
  • Team


  • Critical Decision Making
  • Processes,
  • Measurement
  • Results


  • Solution Implementation and Action Plans


  • Feedback and Further Remedies


  • Problem Solving Exercises


  • Case Studies Based and Group Discussions 


  • Course Evaluation


  • Course Summary 

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