Pipeline Fabrication and Maintenance

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  • Date 29 Sep 2019
  • Location Abu Dhabi, English

Pipeline Fabrication and Maintenance




Understand the manufacturing, fabrication, inspection and testing of new construction and how they apply to post construction repairs and maintenance work.


Who Should Attend:


Pipeline operators, inspectors, and maintenance personnel who work for pipeline companies, inspection companies, fabricators, and repair/maintenance companies involved with oil and gas transportation pipelines.


Course main outlines:


·        Introduction

·        Piping materials, codes and standards 

·        Pipe manufacturing technologies

·        Pipeline fabrications (binding, welding, machining,…)

·        Fabrication equipments ( roll grooving machines, power drivers, hole cutting tools, cutting saw,…)

·        Protective Coating

·        Cathodic protection  

·        Testing and inspection of piping system (pigging, in line inspection, defect assessment, …)

·        Pipeline in service (environmental impact; stress-corrosion cracking, microbiological corrosion, …)

·        Maintenance (schedule programs, maintenance equipments,… )

·        Pipeline repair ( repair methods, in service welding,…)

·        Pipeline Safety (failure modes, hazards identification, characteristics of hydrocarbon explosions, environmental management practice, legislation and regulations).

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