Pipeline Design & Fabrication

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  • Date 22 Dec 2019
  • Location Abu Dhabi, English

Pipeline Design & Fabrication




Seminar Introduction:


Pipeline design has become and fabrication has become an important safety aspect throughout recent years as there have been numerous incidents involving pipeline breaks and spillages.


This seminar is designed to give the participants the knowledge and skills to consider design effects and the fabrication techniques to ensure pressurization and anti corrosion is effective.


Seminar Objectives:


The seminar will include the following specific objectives to give the participants:


  • Understanding of the physical phenomena which affect the design of

      piping systems determing & evaluating stresses.

  • Methods of fabricating, inspecting and testing piping systems.
  • Additional requirements needed in fabrication/ installation specification to ensure adequate & proper installation
  • Understanding piping issues as they relate to production facilities
  • A technical appreciation of the operations relating to piping and pipelines 


Seminar Duration: Three Days


Who Should Attend:


Pipe Fabrication & Design Engieers, Plant Engineers, Supervisory and Technical Staff of Maintenance and Operation and Technical Service Departments.


Seminar Contents:


Day One:


§  Overview of Piping Codes : Standards and structure design specifications

§  Historical Developments of Codes for Pressure Piping. Current ASME B31;     

§  Codes ASME Section III, Piping Portion

§  Design Methods: Pressure Design, Stress and Pressure loads 

§  Code Requirements; Design Methods for Pressure, Flow, Rate, Volume & System  


Day Two:


§  Sizing, Piping Systems Analysis / Static Loading, Types of Static Loads; System

§  Expansion; Computer Analysis Supports; Weight Analysis; Wind Loading

§  Piping Deadweight & Thermal Analysis using PC based software

  • Piping System Materials, High temperature; Corrosion; Fracture Mechanics & related specs, Fabrication & Inspection practices
  • Introduction to piping and pipeline systems
  • Pressure Drop
  • Determining Wall Thickness
  • Choosing a Line Diameter
  • Pressure Ratings / Pressure Breaks


Day Three:


  • Pipe Valve and Fitting Specs
  • Piping Expansion and Support
  • Facility Piping Details
  • Pipeline and Gathering Systems
  • Pipeline Materials and Corrosion
  • Pipeline Inspection and Testing
  • Pipeline Welding: Methods, Testing and Inspections
  • Gas Disposal and Flare & Vent Systems 


  • Case Studies and Discussions


  • Seminar Evaluation and Summary

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