Oil And Gas – Sources , Economics , Production & Processing

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  • Date 10 Nov 2019
  • Location Dubai, English

The MSc in Flow Assurance for Oil and Gas Production is made up of nine compulsory taught modules (eight compulsory and one optional from a selection of three), a group project and an individual research project. 

In addition to management, communication, team work and research skills, each student will attain at least the following outcomes from this degree course:

  • Develop a professional ability to undertake a critical appraisal of technical and/or commercial literature.
  • Demonstrate an ability to manage research studies, and plan and execute projects in the area of oil and gas production technology and flow assurance.
  • Use of the techniques appropriate for the management of a oil and gas production and transport systems.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the technical, economic and environmental issues involved in the design and operation of oil and gas production and transport systems.







    Industry & CSG fundamentals review

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    • Overview of the global CSG industry
    • Major projects
    • What is CSG?
    • How is CSG formed?
    • What is the CSG/coal relationship?
    • Why now?
      Coal fundamentals
    • Coal fundamentals
    • How is coal formed?
    • The chemistry of coal
    • Products and biproducts
      Rock geology
    • Understanding the geology of coal
    • Rock structures
    • Stratigraphy
    • Different types of coal beds and shale layers
    • Where are favourable formations in Australia?
      Coal petrology
    • Coal petrology
    • Understanding reservoirs and porosities
    • Methane gas formation
      Coal core analysis
    • Procedures for sampling drill core and channel samples to determine chemical composition
    • Methods to assess thickness, quality variability, and size
    • Addressing the subjectiveness of quality discrimination between impure coal, carbonaceous shale, and coal
      CSG quality
    • Understanding and interpreting gas content, gas behaviour and locations
    • CSG impurities the CSG
    • Refining CSG
      Gas saturation
    • What is gas saturation?
    • How fully saturated coals favour CSG production
    • Under saturation and the desorption process
      Gas volumetrics
    • Calculating the quality of gas using factors such as:






      • Drainage area
      • Net pay
      • Reservoir porosity
      • Temperatures and pressures
      • Gas compressibility
      • Recoverable gas in place
      • Cumulative production to date
      CSG operations
    • Production enhancement
    • Completions
    • Drilling methods – horizontal/vertical
    • Drilling technologies
      CSG production
    • Overview of the CSG production process
    • Comparison to conventional production
    • What are the similarities to conventional petroleum?
    • Are there economies of scale?
      CSG resources
    • Exploration fundamentals
    • Defining and acquiring exploration permits
    • Evaluation of data and appraisals
    • Resource maximisation vs data acquisition and $ spent
      CSG reserves
    • Making the important distinction between resources and reserves
    • Communicating resource/reserve differences
    • Determination of reserves
    • Reporting reserve calculations
      CSG pilot project optimisation
    • Undertaking reserve optimisation
    • The importance of proper planning and a systematic approach
      CSG definitions and regulations
    • Quality and composition standards and definitions
    • Examining Certification Body Differences
      CSG economics
    • Examining CSG contracts structures and methodologies
    • Optimisation of CSG resources and reserves
    • Basic overview of project economics, cost of production,





      price of gas and margins

    • Connecting to power grids and associated infrastructure needed
    • What next? Where are the emerging cost efficiencies to make
      Is CSG an even more reliable supply source?






    Wrap up, questions and discussio

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