Motor Control Center (MCC) and Starters

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Motor Control Center (MCC) and Starters



Course Background


This course has been designed to the specifications required by ADCO and has included the system operations and circuit information required for the students performance and capabilities.


The course has been allocated the estimated number of hours of training and includes theory and were ever possible practical explanations on site to demonstrate the MCC & Starters in operation.


Students are encourage to bring problematic areas in their work to discuss for problem solving applications are used as working examples to increase interaction and participation.


Course Methodology & Support


The course includes detailed explanations and easy to follow graphical information and diagrams through Power Point media. It also includes case study and interactive exercises and discussions to increase the student’s knowledge and understanding of the subject area.


Course Duration: 5 days (35 hours)


The ratio of Hours per day will be allocated over the five days period and some of the short practical sessions may be allocated in each daily contents to follow the theory activities. 



Who Should Attend:


ZADCO Electrical Engineers and Technician who are required to understand the Motor Control Centers and Starters Operations and Basis of Construction and Maintenance procedures  using ZADCO schematics.


Course Objectives:


This course is specifically designed to give the participants the ability to:


  • Understand and Identifying MCC & Starters Types & Characteristics used at ZADCO and Functions of the circuits and systems employed
  • The fundamental of how MCC & Starters operate and how they are regularly maintained for best results
  • Maintenance Procedures and basis of Trouble shooting and Fault Finding utilizing the Diagrams and Schematics available
  • Circuit Breakers Operations and Interaction with MCC & Starters
  • Understanding of short circuit rating




Course Outline:


Motor Control Centers for different type of Motors (5 Hours)


  • A general Introduction to the different types of Motors that are used in Zakum Field
  • Give some explanation of each type of motor and state its application.
  • AC Motors,  Induction Motor, 3-phase motor,  Multi-speed motors,
  • Capacitor Motors, DC Motors, DC Motor controller, Variable speed drives etc.
  • Give a general introduction to Starters for different types of motors and their specific applications.


Typical MCC diagram and its functional explanation (12 hours)


  • Explanation of standard symbols used in the MCC diagram.
  • ( typical  Zadco-MCC diagram has been supplied herewith to be used for the explanation.)
  • Detailed explanation of Function of different constituents of MCC like,
  • Isolator, Fuses, Contactors, Air circuit breakers ( Merlin-Gerin)
  • Protective devices like,  thermal  Overload,
  • Under current/Over current,
  • Under Voltage-Overvoltage,
  • under frequency, current unbalance and earth fault relay,
  • Star-delta starters, Soft-start pack – Explain the principle & working of these.
  • Insulation Failure ( Earth-Fault) Monitoring and protection – Discuss Fixed systems and portable systems


Construction of a Typical MCC (6 hours)


·        Explain with a typical diagram the construction details of an MCC

  • Location of Bus Bars and their maintenance.

·        Padlocking and Interlocking for safety functions in MCC and applicable standards

  • Incomers interlocking- Mechanical and electrical aspects
  • Explanation on Parellel Operation of  MCC’s


Circuit Breakers (3 hours)


  • Discuss – Air circuit breakers & explain how we do the Setting of Protections in ACB’s.


Practical Session ( 8 hours)

·        At least 8 hours to be devoted to practical hands on work  using a typical MCC

·        Practical examples and trouble-shooting exercises in above types of equipment

·        Calculation from motor characteristics, Thermal O/L relay settings, Fuse rating selection , types of fuses etc.

·        Testing methods for Overload & Control relays ( Telemecanique )

·        Discuss the Procedure of P.M done on LV Motors and MCC (Use Zadco- Check Lists provided and explain)


Review & Question/Answers / Review / Evaluation /Summary & Close session ( 1 hour)


Extensive Case studies, exercises and discussion groups throughout.

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