Modern Skills for the Administrative Assistant

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  • Date 10 Nov 2019
  • Location Abu Dhabi, English

                                                                                                                                       Modern Skills for Administrative Assistant


Aim of the Program

To provide participants with the necessary technical skills in performing their modern secretarial tasks efficiently and effectively


Main Topics


Concept of modern secretariat and its technologies


The role and characteristics of secretary in contemporary organizations

      Titles of the secretary / administrative assistant

      New Trends in tasks of secretary / administrative assistant

      Characteristics of the job of the secretary / administrative assistant

      The role of secretary / administrative assistant in the organization


Communication technologies in secretarial offices

      The concept of communication

      The importance of communication

      The elements and types of communication

      Electronic communication in secretariat offices


Dealing with others and work stress in secretariat office

      Types of behavior in secretariat office

      Dealing with work stress in secretariat offices


 Techniques of organizing meetings

      Scheduling meetings and informing participants electronically

      Preparing agenda                          

–    Preparing meeting place       

      Taking minutes                             

     –   Tele conferencing


 Techniques of travel arrangements

      Reasons for travel                                        

 – Units that arrange for travel

      Information needed for travel

      Planning the president's travel

      Duties of the administrative assistant regarding the president's travel




 Effective telephone skills

      The effective use of telephone technology

      Personality projection through telephone

      Characteristics of the telephone personality

      Behaviors in telephone communication

      Handling in-coming calls


 Techniques of dealing with mail

      Incoming mail procedure simplification  Through the use of computer

      Following up in-coming calls

      Outgoing mail procedure simplification/characteristics of outgoing mail

      Transfer of e. mail between offices

      Mail electronic office systems 


 Electronic secretary

      Electronic mail    -Internet Extranet and Intranet

      Outlook software -Microfilms     -Optical systems

      Modern electronic equipments in secretariat.


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