Mechanical Maintenance Planning & Implementation

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  • Date 20 Jan 2019
  • Location Abu Dhabi, English




Duration: 5 Days


Course Description

Maintenance of machinery and assets is a complex process in any industry regardless of its scope. Complexity of maintenance emerges from the variability of maintenance tasks, the impossibility of expecting most of the failures and hence the repair requests, and the variety and limitation of resources to be applied.

This course provides the basics of planning and scheduling required for any successful maintenance program. Effective maintenance planning and scheduling will pave the way for trainees for good understanding and consequent control of maintenance process.


Course Objective

  • Learn the importance and basic concepts of maintenance
  • Learn the various maintenance techniques
  • Discuss the topics related to work order plan and issuing
  • Learn the procedure to set a maintenance program
  • Understand the Role & Duties of a Planner
  • Understand the Role & Duties of a Scheduler

Who should attend?

  • Maintenance Personnel                 
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Material Suppliers
  • Operations Staff
  • Plant Managers



Material Language: English


Presentation Language: English/Arabic


Course Outline






  • First Day
  • Introduction to Maintenance


   – Maintenance background overview

   – Maintenance Management

   – The duties of maintenance department

   – Maintenance organization

   – Considerations in using outside contractors

   – Human aspects in maintenance


  • Maintenance Strategy

     – Maintenance Objective

     – Conditions for Applying

     – Maintenance Tools



  • Second Day


  • Maintenance Types

– Corrective Maintenance (Breakdown / Emergency)

– Preventive Maintenance (PM)

– Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM)

– Proactive Maintenance


  • Basic techniques to extend machinery life

– Root-cause failure analysis

      – Reliability Engineering


  • Third Day


  • Overall Equipment Efficiency

      – Mean Time between Failures

      – Mean Time to Repair


  • Basics of Planning

 – Management & Planning

 – What is planning?

 – What is scheduling?

 – Steps in the Planning Process

 – Gantt Chart        – Milestone Chart    – PERT Chart    – Critical Path Method








  • Fourth Day


  • Job Planning

     – How to Eliminate Maintenance Delays?

     – Key Points to Remember in Planning

     – Step By Step Procedure for planning Maintenance job

     – Accurately Estimating Labor Hours



  • Material & Tools Procurement

     – Ordering Parts

     – Functions of the Maintenance Store

     – Spare Parts Storage & Retrieval

     – Methods to Control & Reduce Inventory


  • Fifth Day
  • Computer Maintenance Management System






    • What is CMMS?
    • Functions of CMMS


  • Equipment Classification

     – Rotating equipment

     – Stationary equipment

     – Category of criticality

  – Asset Classification Responsibility

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