Lubrication Technology

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  • Date 27 Jan 2019
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 Lubrication Technology


Course Outline:


How Lubrication Affects Machine Reliability


Lubrication Fundamentals


• Important functions of lubricating oils

• How oils and greases are formulated and why it is important

• How friction is generated in lubricated machinery

• The importance of oil film thickness and critical clearances


 Base Oils and Grease


• Important physical properties of a base oil

• The importance of base oil categories

• Synthetics  and mineral oils

• How grease thickeners are created and why it is important

• How to select grease thickeners for your applications


Lubricant Performance Properties


• Additives that enhance lubricant performance

• Viscosity grades, measurement and reporting

• Viscosity Index, is important and how VI improves work

• Lubricant performance


Factors Affecting Oil Degradation


• How water affects base oil, additives and the machine

• How water contamination generates other contaminants

• Effects of oxidation on the oil, grease and the machine

• Lubricants in cold temperatures and heater selection issues

• How to control and eliminate aeration problems

• Finding greases that resist bleed, separation and water washout


 Additive Degradation


• The three most common types of additive degradation

• The impact of lubricant storage on additive health

• Recommended lubricant storage life for indoor and outdoor storage

• Common incompatibility problems of additives, base oils and grease thickeners

• How to test for additive depletion


Used Oil Analysis


Lubricating Grease Application Methods


•   Avoiding incompatible grease mixtures

• Best practices for the maintenance of grease guns and fittings

• How central lubrication systems work advantages and disadvantages

• Best practices for greasing motor bearings

• Procedures for packing a bearing, gear case or coupling with grease

Machinery Lubrication II

Lubricating Oil Systems


 Components of lubrication system

 Dry and wet sump lubrication

 Full and partial filtering lubrication


Some Application


– Selection and Use of Automotive Lubricants

–  Journal Bearing Lubricants

–  Rolling-element Bearing Lubricants

–  Gear Lubricants

–  Mechanical Coupling Lubricants

–  Compressor Lubricants

–  Refrigeration Compressor Lubricants

16. Steam and Gas Turbine Lubricants

17. Hydraulic Fluids

18. Misc. Other Lubricants

19. Wire Rope and Chain Lubrication

20. Troubleshooting Lubrication Problems

21. Used Oil Analysis Basics

22. Lubrication and Oil Analysis Metric.


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