Inspection and Coating Of Steam & Gas Turbines

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  • Date 10 Mar 2019
  • Location Dubai, English

Inspection and Coating

Of Steam & Gas Turbines



Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop a detailed knowledge on material systems employed in gas turbines.
  • Understand the deferent degradation mechanisms and how to predict them. (Understand the corrosion, oxidation, erosion, creep and fatigue behaviour of advanced turbine materials).
  • Develop a detailed knowledge on coating materials and coating technologies.
  • Understand the principal knowledge on the most used advanced inspection technologies.
  • Determine optimal linkages between condition assessments by using non distractive inspection technology.


Who should attend the course?

  • Gas, steam turbine operators, operations and maintenance engineers.
  • Mechanical engineers and power station managers.
  • Technicians and generation engineers
  • Turbine technicians and engineers.
  • Gas turbine parts/components suppliers


Course contents:


  1. Introduction
  • Historical introduction
  • Effect of operating conditions on the material performance of power stations


  1. Material used in manufacturing of Steam & Gas Turbines
  • material fundamentals and theories
  • general and surface properties of material used in steam and gas turbine
  • material selection for use in steam and gas turbine


  1. Failure analysis related to power stations
  • Erosion and Wear (characteristics and mechanisms)
  • Corrosion and oxidation at high temperature
  • Creep and rupture
  • Fatigue (mechanical and thermal)


  1. Surface protective technologies
  • Surface protective coating
  • Surface cladding
  • Surface alloying (Pack cementation)
  • Surface heat treatments


  1. Metallurgical and ceramic protective coatings
  • Electro deposition of refractory metals and compounds
  • Laser assisted surface coating
  • Sol-gel derived ceramic films
  • Soled phase cladding
  • Thermal spray coating


  1. Principles of Nondestructive Inspection Techniques
  • Visual inspection
  • Infrared inspection
  • Acoustic inspection
  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • Eddy current based inspection
  • Radiography
  • Thermography


  1. Advanced Nondestructive evaluation systems NDE
  • Global Inspection System – using combined 2-D and 3D digital imaging of blades
  • Sonic infrared – using ultrasonic vibrations and infrared imaging for imaging for crack on coated and uncoated parts;
  • On-Line Monitor – using high-speed infrared for imaging blades during at power, full speed operation.
  • Combustion inspection
  • Hot gas path inspection
  • Coating measurement and inspection tech. 


  1. Maintenance and repair
  • Vibration measurements and analysis
  • Lubrication management program
  • Balancing, coupling and alignment
  • Instrumentation


  1. Case study
  • Blade alloy development
  • Life assessment of a turbine disc
  • Condition assessment of gas turbine blades.

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