Hydrocarbon Production Operations

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  • Date 03 Nov 2019
  • Location Abu Dhabi, English





  • To provide sound overview and PRINCIPLES of Hydrocarbon Production Operations.




  • Participants should end up with a good level of understanding of the complete process from well-head to export of oil and gas.
  • Able to describe the overall flow diagram and main plant equipment.
  • Know the basic operating principles applicable to all equipment.



Course Duration:  Five Days



Program Support:


This program is supported by interactive activity and discussions to maximize the participant's involvement and practical involvement, a personal action plan for each individual to achieve greater potential.





Process operators, Instrument Technicians, Mechanical technicians and process Supervisors.


Course Outline:


Major Topics to be Covered:


  • What is pressure and temperature?
  • Part to play in PTW system.
  • Part of production operations in the whole oil and gas supply chain (well to tank).
  • Safety aspects of operations.
  • Isolation methods and procedures.
  • Purging draining, venting and vessel entry methods.
  • Testing for passing valves, when is it acceptable and not.
  • Basis Water treatment.
  • Good and bad operating practices to avoid practical aspects of production operations.
  • ESD and F and G systems.
  • Control Systems.
  • Valve Types and principles of operation.
  • Oil/ Water / gas separation and gas scrubbing.
  • Touch on Hydrate formation and how to avoid and clear it.
  • Corrosion aspects of oil gas operation.
  • Pigging operations.
  • First line maintenance such as greasing valves, fitter changing etc.
  • Gas sweetening.
  • Nitrogen production.
  • Sour water de-oiling
  • H2S Stripping and oil stabilization.
  • Case Studies 
  • Group Discussion
  • Group Exercises
  • Course Review ad Evaluation
  • Course Summary



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