Gas Treatment and Sulfur Recovery

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  • Date 19 May 2019
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Gas Treatment and Sulfur Recovery



Duration:      one week (5 days)




  1. Introduction

Fluid properties

-Physical description, composition and.  Properties of gas and oil.

-Transport properties.

-Equilibrium phase behavior.


  1. Gas Sweetening Processes

-Factor to select gas treating methods.

-Amine sweetening process :

  • Flow- sheet and equipment.
  • Optimum operating conditions.
  • Process trouble shooting.
  • Safety consideration.


-dry bed process :

  • Flow – diagram and equipment.
  • Operating conditions.

-Process Control of Gas sweetening plants.

-Gas studies – workshop.


  1. Gas Dehydration

-Hydrate characteristics.

-Hydrate formation.

-Approaches to deny drat ion of natural gas :

  • Absorption: Equipment – solvent.


  • Absorption: process- Adsorbent.



  1. Sulfur Recovery

-Claus Process.

  • Flow- sheet.
  • Equipment.
  • Operating Conditions.

-Other Technical process to sulfur recovery.

-Case Study.


  1. Corrosion Control of Gas Treatment plants

-Type of Corrosion.

-Methods of Corrosion control.

-Materials selection.

-Corrosion inhibitors.

-Catholic protection.


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