Effective Team Work Building

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  • Date 06 Jan 2019
  • Location Abu Dhabi, English

Effective Team Work Building



Course Introduction:


A successful team can mean a successful Work and the greater benefit to the organisation. The team has great potential and has resources that once they are identified can be harnessed to produce good results. How the team can be directed and built into an effective management tool are skills and techniques that each manager and supervisor must recognize and know how to create a motivated ‘Team Culture’. 



Key Learning Objectives:


This course is specifically designed to understand team building techniques and activates the following Key Learning Objectives:


  • How to identify team characteristics and how teams work
  • Group Structures and Individual Contributors 
  • Team Dynamics and Team Motivating Factors
  • Forming Teams and the Team Building Process Activities
  • Positive Team Communications 
  • Team Motivate and Achieving the Best Results from Cohesive Teamwork
  • Further Development of Team Skills and Team Building Techniques and Tools.
  • Effective Leadership and Teambuilding Techniques
  • Individual Action Plans and Further Personal Team Building skills Development


Course Duration: Five Days



Program Support:


This program is supported by videos and interactive activity and discussions to maximize the participant's involvement, the course also includes daily progress reviews, a personal skills assessment and personal action plans for further development activities.



Who Should Attend:


All working in a business environment who are required to build confidence and develop their skills and Techniques in Team concepts and Team Building.






Course Contents:



  • Course Introduction to Team Building Achievements and Examples
  • Leaders and Followers 
  • Personal Management Skills Assessments Exercise
  • Groups & Individuals
  • Traits and Characteristics Identification Process
  • Individuals and Team Interaction
  • Team Characteristics and Structure
  • Forming, Storming Norming & Performing
  • Motivating Factors: Individual and Team
  • Belbin Interactive Team Roles – Principles
  • Groups and Group Dynamics
  • How the Team Works
  • Team Dynamics and Goals
  • Setting Team Objectives
  • Motivational Factors Analysis
  • Developing Team Assets
  • Team Delegation: How and when
  • Team Communications Structures  
  • Team Development   (SWOT)   
  • Team Confidence Building
  • Performance: Analysis and Evaluation Techniques
  • Team Achievements and Monitoring Results
  • Handling Good and Bad Team Situations
  • Team Tasking and Multitasking
  • Role Play Situations Exercise
  • Case Studies & Exercises
  • Group Discussions
  • Course Review
  • Course Evaluation
  • Course Summary  .

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