Effective Forecasting and Budgeting

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  • Date 01 Sep 2019
  • Location Dubai, English




Course Outline: Forecasting and budgeting

Participants will be required to complete a pre-course assignment prior to attending the course. This assignment is designed to directly relate the course to participants’ personal experience and provide practical application of the course outcomes.

Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs, line managers, project leaders, persons involved in budgeting and forecasting or persons who use budgets and forecasts




Participants will:

 Learn the objectives and techniques of forecasting

 Understand the difference between cash flow and profit

Prepare forecasts using different sources of information

Understand the factors to consider when performing forecasts

Learn the Dos and Don’ts of forecasting

Understand and prepare a cash flow forecast

Understand the basics of capital expenditure forecasting

Update forecasts for actual results and evaluate actual results against forecasts

Learn how to monitor, report and make decisions based on forecasts

Use forecasting as a performance measurement tool

Prepare a forecast (comprehensive case study)


 Forecasting objectives

 Forecasting techniques

Cash flow, profit, assets and liabilities

The accounting process

Preparing forecasts

 Cash flow forecasting

Capital expenditure forecasting

Monitoring, reporting and decision making

Forecasting as a performance measure

Comprehensive case study

The course also includes several case studies and discussion sessions that are designed to add practical value to the theory behind forecasting and budgeting.

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