Creativity & Innovation Skills & Change Management

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  • Date 06 Jan 2019
  • Location Dubai, English

                           Creativity, Innovation Skills and Change Management


Course Introduction:


This course is designed to explain the Methods and tools of creative and innovation and the techniques to Identify and Utilise Creative and Innovative thoughts for positive benefits. It also discusses thinking in careful steps to ensure successful creative thinking sessions within the business and other environments. The course also include Change management and how to implement a Change management culture by using tools and techniques for change.


Course Objectives:


This course is designed to give the participants:


  • Thinking techniques using Individual and Team Techniques
  • Identifying Creativity and Innovation
  • Develop Logical and Sequential Thinking Tools
  • Methods and Techniques for Creative and Innovative Thinking  
  • Brainstorming and Feedback Sessions and Techniques  
  • Quality Thinking and development for solving problems and making decisions


  • Change Management


  • Why Change and the Reasons for Change
  • Management Techniques of Change
  • Planning and Organising for Change 
  • Effecting Change with Minimum Disruption 
  • Effecting Quality Change Benefits
  • The Risks and Rewards of Change
  • Allaying Fear of Change
  • Communicating in Change Management    
  • Designing Change Management Systems and Feedback Process



Course Duration: Five Days 



Who Should Attend:


Managers, Supervisors and staff at all levels in business or similar environments were they are involved in quality problem solving and decision making activities to benefit the organisation.


 Program Methodology:


The program includes interactive discussions, role-play, case studies and plenty of exercises maximise the delegates involvement and learning potential. 


Daily Course Contents:


Day One:


  • Define Creativity & Innovation; Examples of Great Innovations
  • The Benefits of Creativity
  • The Development of Innovation
  • Develop openness for Creativity & innovation Releases
  • The Creative Environments
  • Creativity thinking in the workplace and new ideas
  • Creativity from ideas & releasing creativity
  • Thinking and Creativity
  • Releasing the Inner Capabilities


Exercises and Course Review


Day Two:


  • Cultivate a creative environment for excellent teamwork
  • Building a culture of innovation
  • Capitalising on Positive Ideas
  • Identifying and prioritising problems in working environment
  • Brainstorming: Methods and Techniques and Creating the ‘Positive Thinking


  • A creative and practical approach to solving problems and taking the most

      effective logical planning decisions

  • Feedback Techniques
  • Problem Analysis Tools and Techniques: Kepner and Tregoe's Rational



Exercises and Course Review


Day Three:


  • The Fishbone Method
  • Flow Charting the Problem: Analysis,  Identification and Critical Assessment


  • Innovational leadership Techniques; Encouragement etc
  • Tapping into Team Creativity and the Positive
  • Creative Thinking : Individual and Team Contributions
  • Decision Making: Processes, Measurement and Results
  • Creativity & Problem Solving Exercises & Workshops


Exercises and Course Review



Day Four:



  • Defining change: The impacts and the issues
  • Organisation change triggers and the Types of Change
  • Organisational Modifications 
  • Risks and Rewards of Change
  • Planning for Organisational Change
  • Communication in Change
  • Perspectives of Change and Allaying Fears


Exercises and Course Review


Day Five:


  • Developing a Strategy for Change
  • Developing a Program of Change
  • Implementation of Change Management System
  • Feedback Systems to Change Program   
  • Handling Resistance to Change
  • Measurement Effects of Change
  • Change Management Actions Plans


  • Course Review
  • Course Evaluation
  • Course Summary.





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