Creative Vision, Goal Setting & Strategy

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  • Fees : 2600 $
  • Date 31 Mar 2019
  • Location Abu Dhabi, English



  • return to work with a fully developed vision, stretch goals and creative strategy for their project
  • have experienced creating a vision of the future for their project, and being excited, motivated and compelled by it
  • realise the power of setting stretch goals which generate innovative and creative thinking and ideas, and have set stretch goals for their project
  • understand and have experienced the process for creative thinking
  • have gained a toolkit of at least six creative thinking techniques
  • practiced facilitating a group creative thinking session, and appreciated the style to achieve success
  • recognised their own leadership style for innovation and change, and learned about other leadership styles
  • created a list of barriers to innovation and ways to overcome them


DAY 1 – Visioning

  • Review delegates live projects
  • Establishing the starting point – where are we now?
  • The strategic pyramid
  • Why does having a compelling vision work?
  • Techniques for creating a compelling, magnetic view of the future
  • Delegates produce the vision for their projects

DAY 2 – Goal Setting

  • Goal setting and the concept of stretch goals
  • Being clear about goals as outcomes
  • Tools for generating clear goals aligned with vision
  • SMART (or not), Balanced Scorecard
  • Making goals compelling and motivating
  • Delegates define the goals for their projects

DAY 3 – Creative Strategies

  • Theory of the creative thinking process
  • Divergence and Convergence
  • Developing your competency to "think of things you haven't thought of before"
  • The individual approach to creative thinking
  • Creative thinking tools and techniques

DAY 4 – Evaluating the Ideas

  • Facilitation skills for group creativity sessions
  • More creative thinking tools and techniques
  • Filtering and evaluation of ideas
  • Cost/Benefit evaluation
  • Delegates present the creative strategy for their projects

DAY 5 – Going Back to Work

  • Action planning – and the power of negative intentions
  • Important leadership competencies for innovation
  • Managing the change, barriers to innovation and change
  • Delegates final presentation of their projects.

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