Cost Analysis & Performance Measurement

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  • Date 17 Mar 2019
  • Location Abu Dhabi, English

Cost Analysis & Performance Measurement

Course Background:

The importance of liquidity is of paramount to organizational operations and a measure of company value and profitability. Working capital has to be continually assessed and monitored to ensure scarce resources are available at critical times. How an organisation utilizes it worth and available cash flow largely depends on the accuracy and speed allowing that allows sound financial decisions to be made.


How do we control and monitor this critical business function and ensure that cash flow has the flexibility without waste??

How can we Capitalise on available Cash and Enable the Utility of Cash Flows for benefits.

Course Objectives:

This course is designed to give the participants the capability and to be  competent in:

  • Cost terminology and the relevance of cost analysis.
  • How cost's impact upon and affects the business environment.
  • Effective Cost Analysis Techniques and Methods
  • Cost Measurement and control costs realized in business activities.
  • Analysing what are costs and how they are identified.
  • Necessary costs and expenditures during business activities.
  • How cost can be minimised and capitalised upon. 


Daily Course Contents:

Day One:

  • Introduction to cost and cost terminology's
  • Cost Accounting: Role and Tools
  • Cost in a Business Environment: Responsibilities and
  • Obligations by Management, Objectives
  • Cost Information: Collation, Analysis, Recommendations
  • Cost Ascertainment: Departmental and Organizational
  • Cost Absorption's: Allocation and Overheads


Day Two:

  • Cost Centers: Set up, Operation and Maintenance
  • Break Even Analysis: Charts, Construction and Forecasting
  • Profit and Loss Statements: Construction and Analysis
  • Cost: Assessment, Apportionment
  • Cost v's Profit: Analysis and Effectiveness
  • Budgeting for Cost



Day Three:

  • Marginal Costing: Concepts and Applications 
  • Cost Controls: Manual and Electronic
  • Risk and Loss: Evaluation, Controls and Methods
  • Capital and Investment Spending: Appraisals

      and Measurements 

Time and Value: Appraisal and Methods


Day Four:

  • Introduction to cost during business activities Vs cost effectiveness
  • Measuring cost activities
  • Cost recording
  • Cost classification
  • Costing methods and techniques
  • Break even analysis
  • Analysing cost activities


Day Five:

  • Wastage and losses
  • Cost controls
  • Cost Analysis Case Studies
  • Practical Group Exercises
  • Group Discussions
  • Course Evaluation
  • Course Summary

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