Cable Location and Fault Detection

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  • Date 17 Nov 2019
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Cable Location and Fault Detection

(Includes software for analysis and calculation)


Faults in underground cables may cause loss of supply to customers and loss of revenue for suppliers therefore it is imperative that the fault location process is efficient and accurate to minimize excavation time. For fault locating to be efficient and accurate technical staff need to have expert knowledge accompanied with experience in order to attain service reliability.


Course Outlines


• Types of failures

• Reasons for failures

• Fault Location

• Electrical tests for detection of cable faults

• Safety issues in fault location

• Analysis of failures

• Development of cables for LV and HV systems

• Role of cables in modern power distribution systems

• Cable accessories and their role

• Electrical breakdown of insulating materials

• HV cables using XLPE insulation

• Cable failures and installation practices

• Detection of faults

• Recent methods in fault detection and location



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