Advance Supervisory Skills

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  • Date 17 Nov 2019
  • Location Dubai, English

Advanced Supervisory Skills


Course Background:


In industry and elsewhere there have been great leaders but were they born or created? Are there specific leadership characteristics that are necessary to lead a group; a team; or even a major organization. Effective Leadership requires certain traits and skills that motivate and create the drive to succeed in business objectives.


The essential characteristics of leadership need, and can, to be identified. Once identified they can be adopted to suit an individual’s capabilities and aspirations. Individual leadership skills and abilities once developed have to be self assessed periodically to enhance further development and improved performance.


Course Objectives:  


On completion of this program the participants will be confident and

Effective in:


  • How management and leadership differ and the traits and skills employed in good leaders
  • The management and leadership styles and personal development of the   appropriate style for personal comfort
  • The leadership role to guide teams and achieve the best results and performance standards for productivity.
  • Leadership tools and techniques for effective leadership



Course Duration:   5 Days  



Who Should Attend:


Managers, Sections Heads, Senior Engineers, and Team Leaders, who need to develop their Leadership capabilities to lead and direct significant sectors of the business or key teams. 


Program Support:


The program is supported by role-play, case studies, exercises and interactive discussions to involve delegates.  Videos to highlight techniques available to the participants will also be used


Daily Course Contents:


Day One:


  • Introductions     –    Opening & Me to You
  • Preparation       –   Getting the most from this Workshop
  • Leadership    –   Universal Characteristics
  • Leadership v Management    –   What are the Differences


  • Case Studies
  • Elements of Leadership  –    What experience & the books say
  • The Congruent and Transforming Leader – The Most Modern Approach
  • Summary



Day Two:


  • Recap & Reflections
  • Leadership Traits and Personal abilities 
  • The Leadership Engine   –  A model of leadership
  • Ideas / Values / Energy & Edge  –  The necessary components
  • Leadership Key Skills  –  Communication / Coaching / Feedback
  • The Role of Communication in Leadership Development
  • Communications & Dealing with conflict
  • Coaching, Mentoring and Motivating as a Leadership Outcomes
  • The Relationship between Vision – Goals – and Targets
  • Effective Leadership and Feedback Techniques



Day Three


  • Recap & Reflections
  • Self Development, Self-Management and Self-Assessment as Leadership


  • Function of Teams and Group Dynamics
  • Personal and Team Motivation Factors
  • Leadership Styles
  • Team Effectiveness Measurement Methods
  • Team Dynamics   –    Professor Belbin’s Team Roles
  • Leading Teams  –  Tools for Use with Teams
  • Summary



Day Four


  • Recap & Reflections
  • Developing Creativity and Innovation
  • Recap & Reflections
  • Leadership and Organizational Change  –  Kotter’s  8 Steps Resistance to Change   –  Coping Strategies
  • Leadership  –   Personal Action Planning
  • Leadership  –  Your Expectations v Results
  • Feedback
  • Summary and Close







Day Five


  • Case Studies
  • Exercises & Role Play
  • Group Forum & Discussions
  • Personal Assessment and Analysis
  • Personal Development Actions
  • Course Evaluation
  • Course Summary .

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