Advance Office Management

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  • Date 22 Dec 2019
  • Location Dubai, English



Course Outline


Personal SWOT Analysis

The Organisation

Office Problem Solving

Communication Skills

Dealing with Difficult Personalites

Goal Setting & Planning

Coping with change

Effective time management

Motivation & delegation

Effective teamwork

Presentation skills

Peer-led workshop



Duration:   3 days



No longer are administrators merely clerical assistants; their roles now require a diverse range of management skills to ensure optimal performance and productivity.  As the administrator’s role develops, he/she increasingly needs to stay ahead of the game.  Only by developing a high level of interpersonal and communications skills can this be achieved. 

Many administrators also have additional responsibilities and act as the direct point of contact for company managers and directors.  These tasks may also include the handling of highly confidential and sensitive information.

This course is designed to identify the roles and responsibilities involved and provide practical solutions so that tasks can be executed with the highest professional standards.


Pre-requisite: Office Management Skills or equivalent

Due to the level of content covered in this course, only delegates who have completed the pre-requisite course should attend.


By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

*                  analyse their own strengths and weaknesses, and develop key skills where required

better communicate with colleagues on all levels

effectively  plan, perform and complete assigned tasks in a timely manner

explain ways in which we can cope with changes in the workplace

work more effectively in teams

deal with difficult personalities or unpleasant situations

deliver a presentation with confidence


Who should attend?

Experienced administrators, executive secretaries and those working in an office environment with responsibility for the efficient administration and co-ordination of the physical, administrative and human resources of a department.


Questions Answered in the Workshop

How do I improve my administrative skills?

How can I ensure tasks are completed effectively and in a timely manner?

How can I improve my interpersonal skills?

How can I work in a way that makes a positive difference to my organization?


Advanced Office Management Course Outline


Day One

*                Analysis of Personal Strengths & Weaknesses

Changing roles and responsibilities

Developing key skills.

The Organisation

Models of organisational behaviour

Organisation charts

Chain of command and span of control

Staffing and training policies

Job descriptions




*                Office Problem Solving

Brainstorming & collating ideas

Effective solutions to daily problems

Communication Skills

Channels of Communication

Types of communication

Causes of breakdown of communication

*                  Conflict in the Workplace

*                  Establishing constructive relationships

*                  Working with senior colleagues

*                  Dealing with difficult personalities

Listening Skills

The importance of good listening skills

Steps to good listening

Day Two

Time & Self-Management

What is "time management"?

Common time wasters

Change the time wasting habit

Planning your time




Goal Setting & Planning

goals and their importance

Goal setting

Problem solving using Force-field analysis

Motivation at Work

Why work?

Motivational theories

Rewarding exceptional performance

Managing motivation

Day Three

*                Team Development & Participation

Why teams?

Working successfully with teams

Effective communication skills

Criteria for success

*                Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Influences of culture on society

Diversity awareness

The multi-cultural organisation.

*                Change Management

Coping with change in the workplace

Dealing with unpopular decisions

Implementing change

*                Presentation Skills

Good speaking techniques


*                Peer-led Workshop

Learning from your peers

Interative question & answer session

Abilities, duties, influences and organisational cultures


*                  Course Summary/Course Evaluation

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