Accounting for Non Accountants

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  • Date 29 Sep 2019
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Accounting for Non Accountants.




Giving the participants the scientific knowledge and practical skill by using the different accounting methods and books keeping through manual & electronic systems, and giving them the practical experience in the basis and applicants of Governmental & Cost Accounting in governmental authorities, and also the accounting data analysis methods using computers.




First: Introduction to management & Communication

1-management conception  & its main sections.

2-Effective communications skills.

3-Art of dealing with others.

4-The job morals


Second: Introduction to General Accounting

1-Financial & Currency Operations.

2-Accounting basic definitions.

3- Books keeping, Accounting cycle & Double entry transactions.

4- Accounts books type & registration cycle.

5-Accounting treatment for financial operations.

6- Accounting system Outputs.

7-Income statement, Cash Flow, Trial Balance & Balance Sheet.

8-Practical applications.


Third: Governmental Accounting

1-nature and basics of Governmental Accounting.

2-Current & Investments Transactions.

3- Transactions entry for accounts.

4- Financial & year end reports.

5- Types of Governmental Budgets & preparation cycle.

6- Practical frame of the State Budget.

7- Classifying the general budget of the state.

8- Practical  applications on local budget.



1-introduction to the electronic accounting.

2- How to create the suitable screens.

3- Dealing with companies using the system.

4- Transfer or recall the data.

5- Job cards.

6- Chart of accounts.

7- Journal entry.

8- Trial balance & Balance sheet.

9- Practical applications.


Fifth: Cost Accounting     

1-introduction to the cost accounting.

2- Where to use the cost accounting

3- Cost accounting targets.

4- Estimated balance sheet of expenses.

5- Balance sheet.

6- Costs Lists.

7- Transaction entry of costs.

8- General Ledger, Cost Cards & Cost List.

9-Practical applications.



Sixth: Accounting data analysis using computers.

1-introduction to EXCEL.

2- Basics of Data Analysis.

3- Recurring distribution table.

4- Descriptive scales of accounting information.

5- Using charts to describe the accounting information.

6- Accounting changes expectations.

7- Practical applications for different  results using computers.

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